Accessibility in schools have become an issue in New York


(Matthew Du, NewsUSA Reporter) - A recent analysis by Advocates for Children reveals that one-fourth of schools in New York City lack any accessible classrooms, despite ongoing efforts to enhance school accessibility. This issue is further highlighted by other studies indicating that approximately 66% of the city's public schools are not completely accessible to students with physical disabilities, with 40% of schools completely lacking accessible classrooms.

Kim Sweet, executive director of Advocates for Children of New York, emphasized to Yahoo the importance of ensuring no child is denied education due to inaccessible facilities. This situation is particularly concerning given that federal laws mandate equal access to public services, including education, for individuals with disabilities.

The city's commitment to this cause has been questioned, as it nears the end of a five-year capital plan, having dedicated $750 million to improve school accessibility. However, the current state suggests these efforts may be insufficient. Advocates are now urging the city to increase its investment to at least $1.25 billion by 2029, aiming to make half of the city's school buildings fully accessible.